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We all have our passions. Mine is the freedom I feel with the Power of Code.


As I get older, I've come to respect my limits; and enemy.. Fatigue.

When its time to rest.. REST!

Maximum efficiency is very important to me. I like to believe that my life is balanced in a way that creates this naturally.

Why not train your brain?

Why not learn a new language?

  • Mandarin 普通话
  • Nederlands


One of the keys to living a very demanding lifestyle is to keep your body in shape.

When you live a life that is constantly on the go its very difficult to maintain a consistent regiment of physical fitness.

Recently, I've been happy with the convenience of the Insanity Program. Available at anytime via my Nexus Tablet, it's a Max Interval Circuit Training that keeps me strong no matter where I wake up each day.


Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.

— Mahatma Gandhi

Work in progress...